Coonamessett CSA Week 4

Submitted by Liz Novak on Mon, 07/11/2016 - 22:41

Last week my CSA from Coonamessett Farm came with field greens, snap peas, garlic, basil, oregano, garlic chives, strawberries, blueberries, arugula, garlic scapes, flowers, and turnips. Here’s how I ate my way through.

This week we had some help picking the berries and snap peas at the farm:


These blueberries transitioned from kid to grown up time real fast! I love a mint julep, and the entrance of the punch brothers into my listening life has only furthered this. While making simple syrup, I added a handful of berries to the pan. My math was 2oz bourbon + 1 oz blueberry simple syrup + crushed ice + muddled mint. It basically just tasted like a regular mint julep, so I’ve got some work to do. But the berries I added to the glass tasted great at the end!

Blueberries + Lavender

One morning this week I woke up quite early and couldn’t get back to bed, so I decided to make myself a nice breakfast. The result was blending some lavender with flour to make lavender honey pancakes with blueberries. The taste was delicate and sweet, but I’d hoped for a fluffier pancake, so I’m planning on refining the recipe.

Snap Peas

Over 4th of July weekend I was surprisingly pleased by my first taste of vegan cashew cheese. I mean, obviously it isn’t actually cheese, but a new acquaintance Matt (check out his Instagram) introduced me to this while making a vegan pizza. I had to let my meat-eating pride down; the pizza and the cashew sauce was pretty killer. It was salty, creamy, and full of umami flavor. I immediately wanted to find a way to use this sauce on a dish. The snap peas were the answer.

The recipe is available here.

Garlic Scapes

You really can’t go wrong with corn in the summer. I like to mix both grilled and raw corn in salads for a mix of sweetness and charred texture. I grilled some of the scapes as well for this salad, and mixed it all together with some lime juice and olive oil. I’m planning on posting the full recipe soon.

Garlic + Basil + Oregano + Garlic Chives

While making the corn salad above, I figured I’d throw some bread on the grill to eat with it. And this week there were so many herbs in the CSA! I decided to blend up a bunch and add it to butter to make this grilled garlic and herb bread recipe.

The recipe is available here.

Strawberries + Arugula

Going through the strawberries and arugula was easy with this fresh summer salad.

The recipe is available here.

Turnips + Left Over Greens

Last week was the first harvest of kale in my garden. This pleased me, but I really had a surplus of greens in the house. To use these up, I decided to try my hand at making a galette. Galettes are basically when a pizza meets a hand-pie. I sauteed the greens and turnips with some onions. Then I mixed this up with a bunch of feta cheese and placed it in the middle of a store-bought pizza crust. The juices soaked into the crust, making it a gooey inside. It was awesome, but I also made the mistake of using the garlic stalks. Either they had to be cooked down longer or I needed to chop them more finely; each piece was quite chewy and thicker than the rest of the pocket. Either way, the gateway to making galettes was opened!

Looking forward to next week.

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