Winning the Hogoff at Quahog Republic

Submitted by Liz Novak on Mon, 04/28/2014 - 00:00

Against all odds, far from the cornfields of the midwest, won a quahog stuffie contest in Cape Cod. I think I peaked.

The night before the competition at Quahog Republic in Falmouth, a hand-full of friends and my mom helped with a test kitchen to create the best stuffie ever (that's ever with an R at the end cause the Midwest is best at the stuffies now). We tasted 7 different versions and prepped over 200 individually foiled stuffies. It was hard work but there were summer drinks and good stories told so it wasn't so bad.

Thanks to Pam for helping me man the station at the competition!

When it was time for the announcement of who was voted the winner we had to wait through a bunch of raffle prize winners. Like this lucky guy who won a huge lobster:

Then we were announced as the winners!

Random people wanted to have their pictures taken with us.

Not so random friends wanted to have their pictures taken with us.

I'll be posting the winning recipe soon!

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