From Foul Mouth to Hanus: Mom n Dad Visit

Submitted by Liz Novak on Wed, 08/07/2013 - 01:22

My parents' visit was just long enough to notice the Pest of the Month sign on Main St. change from yellowjacket to tick. We filled in the time mainly with quahogging, cooking, and spending plenty of time at the beach.

My mom took to quahogging, making joyful peeps every time she had one in her rake. While she, my friend Jon, and I quahogged, my dad relaxed on a beachchair nearby. After getting that sore spot on my right collar bone that usually bruses from quahog rakes, I wandered up to my dad. This was a slow process as I always wear my waders (I don't like to touch any of the sea nasties) and I didn't want to trip in the mud. Once I reached my dad I was all smug, ready to make a Monty Python joke: "it's..." after my slow journey. However, I found my dad with his eyes closed, blissed out. He woke up in a start and said, "oh hey, I was just in Ireland. I was smelling the sea breeze and listening to Lorena McKennaitt..."

We were lucky to meet another quahogger at Monument beach that day. Steve gave us a heads up about a clamming bed near MMA that was given 400 bushels of seeds, soon to open in the Fall. He gave us a quahog recipe as well, which I plan on trying out this week and posting here.

After our our quahogging adventure, we came back to the sea shanty and proceeded to prepare the clams three ways. One of these recipes was Jon's Clams Casino. The other two were adapted from this month's issue of Food and Wine. I'll be posting the recipes this week!

The weekend was great for beaching. My mom gasped in protest when she realized how close I am to the beach; the stairs to the sand literally start at the end of my street. While drinking spritzers and dipping our toes in the water, we spotted our first horseshoe crab. I asked Jon to pick it up for us, and a woman yelled from behind us:
"Does it bite!?"
"No, don't scare the ladies here." Jon responded.
The woman sighed "what about me?" and then yelled louder "put it back by the buoys so no one steps on it!"
I assumed that Jon was going to throw it out there, but he actually started swimming with it, talking to it "come on little buddy, we're going for a swim..."

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