Lobster Traps and a Ferbie

Submitted by Liz Novak on Fri, 07/19/2013 - 01:34

My friends Marc and Breanne came to visit this weekend from Illinois for a lil fishing getaway. After getting some bait at Maco's we spotted a pile of lobster traps next door. The shop next door to Maco's has a faint smell of pee and piles of old things you can probably get tetinus from. It's the occasional gem of a wooden whale and other assorted nautical goodies that keep me braving the place. Today, however, we hit the jackpot. Used lobster traps were $20. The man who owns the place is an odd, friendly man. He is especially friendly to women, and asks for hugs repeatedly. Luckily, every time he asked Breanne and me for a hug, Marc ran up to him and gave him on yelling, "I'll give ya a hug man!" After loading up the traps the man also honored us with a scrappy Ferbie, which haunts my passenger seat.

We went right back to Maco's for some lobster trapping advice. Eye's lit up after hearing that I could put a trap by MMA's ship and we were told that we'd be having "lobstah fo breakfast." I hope so!

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