Coonamessett CSA Week 9

Submitted by Liz Novak on Mon, 08/15/2016 - 23:11

This week my Coonamessett CSA came with carrots, baby onions, garlic, cucumbers, greens, zucchini, parsley, cherry tomatoes, kale, field greens, and summer squash. It was a great week of food! Here’s how I ate my way through it.

Cucumbers + Garlic

Making pickles was simpler than I thought it would be. The only trick I wasn’t able to solve was getting all the air bubbles out of the jars at the end. After a couple tries I decided to just put them in the fridge, eat them in a few days, and call it a day. I was surprised how bold the flavor could be in these bread and butter pickles with just a few ingredients!

First I boiled the jars clean (thinking I was going to fully process the pickles, but the air bubbles were trouble. That air is where all the contamination can happen). Then I added 2 smashed cloves of garlic, 1 teaspoon dill seed, and ½ teaspoon of dill weed per jar. I boiled 1 part vinegar with 1 part water on high heat, stirred in some salt, and then poured the liquid into and over the jars to fill them as best as I could. After this I stuck them in the fridge. I waited a few days before I started snacking on them.


These baby carrots were so sweet on their own that I hardly wanted to do a thing to them. I just boiled them in water and a little butter, like my mom would at home.

Tomatoes + Parsley + Italian Sausage + Garlic

I tried to get a little bit of everything on my fork for each bite of these mussels steamed with tomatoes, Italian sausage, and parsley. The best part was dipping bread at the bottom of the bowl though!

Before I steam mussels, I always let them sit in a bowl of flour and water for at least a half hour. The mussels feed on the flour and pump up (but don’t taste floury). It’s an easy way to get the most out of those lil guys. Be sure to drain the liquid before adding it to your steam pot though!

This time I sauteed a small onion and minced cloves from an entire garlic head in a bunch of butter, before adding some lightly grilled and chopped Italian sausage that came with my meat share from Coonamesset. I grilled it first thinking that it would be less likely to crumble; I wanted full bite-sized chunks. Then I added a cup of white wine and about 4oz tomatoes. I added the mussels and a handful of chopped parsley before covering the pot until the mussels were open.

Summer Squash + Baby Onions

After a week of eating god knows what at Army drill, I decided to make my boyfriend a nice breakfast his first morning back home. This summer squash and goat cheese frittata was the perfect celebratory homecoming dish.

I heated about 1/2 cup chopped onions in oil in a pan. Then I added about 1 cup of shredded squash that had been completely squeezed of all liquid. I let this cook for about 10 minutes until it was really dry, added some salt and pepper, and poured the contents into a bowl to cool. While waiting for this to happen, I rinsed out the pan and dried it. Then I sprayed the crap out of it with PAM. Six eggs and 1/4 cup of cream went into the bowl of veggies, along with 2 tablespoons of fresh herbs (I used thyme and basil, but you could really use anything) and 3 ounces of goat cheese broken up into small pieces. This was poured back into the pan and I added a few show pieces of squash slivers on top. This was all baked for about 20 minutes at 350F before we enjoyed it.

The little onions were so cute I had a hard time finally cutting them up.

Green Beans

This was a miniature version of those green bean casseroles you see around (do I dare say it this early) Thanksgiving. We had some left over onion dip, and I thought it would be an easy way to finish it off to mix it with the beans and bake them for a bit. It was super tasty and had a crunch with some added almond slices.


This recipe was such a lucky mix of vegetables sautéed with freshly boiled lobster. The mild zucchini and sweet corn pull out those subtle flavors. Don’t get me wrong, I love a stuffed lobster or a roll, but this salad is a pleasant change for a hot summer day!

The full recipe is available here.

Ground Beef + Tomato + Onion

While my tomatoes from the farm were subsidized by my own garden this week, I had just enough left to make sauce for meatball subs for two. We mixed the ground beef from our meat share with bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and an egg to make the balls. These were baked for about 15 minutes at 415F. To make the sauce, we blended the left over tomatoes, garlic, a small onion, a little olive oil, more cheese, and a healthy goop of tomato paste to make the sauce. This was on the stove for about 5 minutes heating up. Then we put all the pieces together on some hot dog buns, added some good cheddar cheese slices on top, and toasted the things. It was a delicious finger food!

Kale + Salad Greens

I admit, this was the least inspiring thing I made this week. I just divided it up into jars for lunch salads at work with some balsamic and olive oil as dressing. Although ordinary, it was super easy to have packed lunches. When I do this with kale, I just add the dressing a good half hour before I’m going to eat it so it breaks down a bit.

Looking forward to next week!

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